Sub Contractors

Subcooled Air Conditioning have served several companies and contractors to carry out the work for large and small projects. We have the expertise, skills and experience to undertake large installations of air conditioning and ventilation projects either as a contractor or as a subcontractor. We also work alonside various refurbishment companies and electrical contractors in larger commercial, industrial, shop and office projects.

We thrive to provide the best quality workmanship for our contractors with our experienced and skilled engineers who are trained to the highest standards to respect company staff and give an excellent image to customers.

Our staff are trained with the latest and most up to date air conditioning courses and training sessions which give us the opportunity to serve our contractors and clients with quality workmanship.

We offer services for air conditioning, ventilation, electrical and mechanical systems in:

  • Shops, retail stores, outlet stores.
  • Offices & business premises.
  • Data centers & server rooms.
  • Industrial premises.
  • Universities, schools and academic buildings.
  • Public spaces and public venues.
  • Shopping centres, shopping malls, airports, stadiums.
  • Etc.

We also use subcontractors to help with labour intensive projects. Please contact us if you require our services or if you can be of service to us.