A mixed bag of air conditioning for this barn conversion in Oxfordshire.

Master bedroom ducted air conditioning

During the renovation and conversion of this old barn into a beautiful house, we were able to take advantage of the bulkhead space above the ensuite bathroom and install a 3.5kw Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning unit. Burying the ducting in the walls and using adjustable eyeball vents gives this installation a beautiful aesthetic and the customer was over the moon.

Office Air Conditioning

With nowhere to hide this system, the customer settled with a 3.5kw Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted split system, and it looks perfectly placed in this bright airy room.

Mitsubishi electric outdoor condenser

Mounted on a concrete slab and rubber feet, this condenser will not transfer any noise into the building. Mitsubishi Electric condensers are super efficient and very quiet, but this will reduce the potential for any noise even further.

Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted unit

A beautiful installation of a 3.5kw Mitsubishi Electric wall mounted unit.

Gym Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning unit

No barn conversion is complete without it’s own private gym, and this build was no exception. But no gym is complete without air conditioning. Using the bulkhead above the gym shower room, we install one 5kw Mitsubishi Electric ducted unit, again utilizing the eyeball vents for supply and return air.

Mitsubishi Electric condenser

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