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Over door heaters and door air curtains play a huge part in the efficiency of heating and cooling a commercial space with open door policies.

Mobile scaffold tower to access the overdoor heater

Overdoor heaters simply create a wall of air above the door opening to prevent the space air from leaving the space being heated or cooled.

Overdoor heater fan scroll

Unfortunately, this equipment is generally forgotten about due to its location. Being located above the main door of a commercial property, access can be tricky due to customer traffic and height restrictions. In this case a 5m mobile scaffold tower was required to access and works had to be carried out during the shops closing hours.

5m mobile scaffold tower for safe access
Overdoor heaters visible to the public

Overdoor heaters are available in various designs from simple electric heater type to more efficient air source heat pump type door heaters. Using heat pump technology to create the heat requirements for a door curtain can hugely reduce the running costs of this equipment.

Using mobile scaffold towers to access HVAC equipment requires PASMA qualified engineers.

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