Extract Ventilation

Nov 9, 20200 comments

Extract Ventilation

Subcooled air conditioning are experts in all aspects of domestic, residential and commercial extract systems. We can design, supply and install any system to extract air from any size room for any application.

Extract ventilation is a must in area’s of high levels of moisture or high levels of air contamination.

From domestic kitchens and bathrooms to commercial Paint booths, restaurants and work shops, extracting air is a must to keep air clean and free from dust, contamination, grease and unpleasant odours.

By installing a simple fan to mechanically suck air from a room you can improve air quality, reduce moisture and reduce odours. Have one of our ventilation surveyors look into your requirements.

Bathroom extract

Shower extract

Toilet extract

Kitchen extract

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Chemical room extract

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Dust extract

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