Wall air conditioning in a classroom

With temperatures set to reach over 30 degrees this summer, schools have become a hot spot for the requirement of air conditioning. This school in Luton has requested 5 Mitsubishi Electric split air conditioning units to be installed with various classrooms and communal areas.

Flat roof air conditioning installation

Classrooms with flat roofs are extremely susceptible to high heat gain in the summer months with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees in some cases. High temperatures in the work place and education sectors have been proven to reduce concentration levels and productivity.

Air conditioning in a school in Luton

Opening windows and mechanical ventilation does help, but generally the only option to reduce the temperature is to install air conditioning. By reducing the temperature in a place of work or education, it has been scientifically proven to improve behaviour and attention span of any individual.

Heat pump air conditioning in a Luton school

With the ability to both heat and cool, heat pump air conditioning is also a super efficient form of heating a classroom in the winter months, either as a permanent solution or a backup system in the event of a main system failure.

With a coefficient of performance COP of 4:1 in most systems, heat pump & air source heating and air conditioning systems are the most efficient form of heating on the market, providing complete climate control throughout the year. This means for every 1kw of electricity used, the heat pump produces 4kw of heating or cooling.

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