Air conditioning pressure test

Sep 23, 2019Uncategorised

If your air conditioning isn’t working very efficiently, this maybe due to the refrigerant charge being low. FGAS legislation requires air conditioning systems to be pressure and strength tested prior to commissioning to ensure the refrigerant gas does not escape from your system into the atmosphere.

Many believe that the systems use refrigerant gas and this then runs out. That isn’t true. Air conditioning and refrigeration systems recycle refrigerant gas to achieve the cooling effect. The requiment to top up your air conditioning is not only illegal but indicates that your system has a leak.

For air conditioning and refrigeration systems with leaks we carry out a leak and pressure test. This requires:


– any existing gas to be removed

– Nitrogen added to the system

– simply using soapy water the leak is found and sealed

– The system is then re-commissioned with the correct amount of refrigerant.


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