Commmercial high level air conditioning amazon

Jul 26, 2020Commercial air conditioning

Subcooled Air Conditioning have recently started a huge Air Conditioning and ventilation project at the new Amazon depot in Tilbury. Every aspect of the the trade will be covered in this installation, from high installation standards while working at height.

Using cable tray brackets with Hilti rod hangers, the labour saving hugely outweighs the additional material costs which when working at these heights is a ‘no brainer’.

  1. While conducting our annual time and motion study, moving round this huge site on these MEWP’S, not only saves time and energy from building and climbing ¬†scaffold towers, it minimises our employees working at height risks. At Subcooled Air Conditioning health and safety is paramount to our working environment. With our 100% un-tarnished safety record, we strive to be incident and accident free.

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