A tricky installation with this Midea air conditioning system into a loft conversion.

Chasing pipes and services into the wall avoiding trunking

Loft conversions tend to be subject to high heat gain in the summer months with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees. Heat pump air conditioning offers the ability to comfort heat and cooling any space with this issue being the most effective and efficient form of spot heating and cooling on the market.

Millimetre perfection to ensure customer satisfaction

After demonstrating to the customer the aesthetics of internal trunking, it was clear that the customer’s high standards were always going to be paramount in securing this project.

Air conditioning Pipes and cables chased into the wall and roof

Using a Midea multi condenser with 3 indoor units, all internal pipework has been chased and will be buried into the wall and ceiling, covered by a plasterer and matching paint.

Having the ability and skills to avoid trunking inside can hugely improve the visual aspects and aesthetic of any air conditioning installation.

Domestic air conditioning installation Hereford
Loft conversion air conditioning

Have the ability to both heat and cool with AAA efficiency and offering COP rates of 4:1, air source heat pump air conditioning can heat and cool any area of any building any time of the year.

Buried services avoiding trunking

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