Air conditioning & Air handling unit filters London

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Block air conditioning and ventilation filters are by far the most common cause of failure within the industry.

The result of blocked filters can be reduced air flow, frozen coils, compressor failure & moisture build up.

Air handling unit AHU dirty bag filters
Air handling unit dirty pleated filters

Generally, air conditioning and air handling filters need to be changed or cleaned every 6 months.

This can be included in your HVAC PPM schedule. Having spare filters on site is a must efficient and effective maintenance.

Air handling unit AHU clean bag filters
Air handling unit AHU clean pleated filters

Regular filter changes will improve the air quality within your working environment, increase comfort, and improve mood amongst your staff.

There are a variety of ventilation systems available to both the domestic and commercial use.

Failed AHU fan in London due to ice build up caused by blocked filters

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