Before deep clean Aylesbury dentist
After deep clean Aylesbury dentist

The importance of regular maintenance to your air conditioning is generally three fold.

1. Improves efficiency of the system

2. Improves air quality from system

3. Extends the life of the system

The pictures above show a system that was neglected in a dentist in Aylesbury. The unit was subjected to years of use in a busy and moist environment.

Dentists surgeries are a perfect environment for dust and moisture. When both mix in the air and get drawn through the air conditioning unit, the dust becomes wet and sticks to areas of the air conditioning unit which can prevent efficient air flow.

The most common area of concern is the fan scroll. From the pictures you can see the fan scroll is completely blocked which prevents the air from being picked up and drawn through the coil.

Reducing air flow through the coil causes the coil to freeze up and block with ice reducing air flow even further.

With a blocked fan scroll and a frozen coil, the system can fail catastrophically by damaging the compressor. The fan scroll can become out of balance, wearing out the fan bearings and becoming noisy.

The only answer to this issue is regular maintenance and potentially full system strip and deep clean.

Office Air Conditioning maintenance Watford
Gym air conditioning maintenance London

If you have air conditioning in the following environments, you might need to have your air conditioning serviced more regularly.

– Gym air conditioning

– Dentist air conditioning

– Veterinary surgeries air conditioning

– Bedrooms air conditioning

– School air conditioning

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