Air conditioning for your home is becoming increasingly popular with record temperatures in the summer reaching over 30 degrees.

With new build properties being heavily insulated and builders increasingly utilising loft spaces as living spaces, homes are suffering more from heat gain than ever before.

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Sleepless nights and uncomfortable living can be avoided by installing air conditioning to your home. No matter what property you have, Subcooled Air Conditioning have the answer to cool some or all of it.

From wall mounted to floor mounted, from ducted to ceiling mounted, there is a solution for everyone’s needs.

Heat pump air conditioning is not to be confused with mechanical ventilation. Heat pump air conditioning systems have the ability to reduce the temperature of a space using the same technology as within your domestic fridge.

Using refrigerant gas and a compressor to push the gas around the system in different states, it creates a cold heat exchanger which the room air passes over, cooling the air delivering air as low as 5°C.

The best advantage of heat pump air conditioning is that it can heat and cool. By simply reversing the refrigeration cycle using a four way valve, the indoor unit can deliver warm air up to 50°C. In the event of a home heating system failure you can simply turn on your heating pump air conditioning unit to heat instead of cool. Some customers only use heat pump air conditioning to warm their home.

Below is a simple diagram to show how a refrigeration and heat pump circuit works.

Refrigeration cycle

Split air conditioning will be the best investment you make this year and Subcooled have a pre summer sale available until the 1st of March to take advantage of.

Contact Subcooled Air Conditioning today to discuss your needs and start the ball rolling to beat the heat this summer.



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